Permission given for affordable housing block in North Leamington

Warwick District Council
Warwick District Council

Developers have been granted permission to build a block of affordable apartments and seven shared ownership houses on the site of a former school in North Leamington.

Waterloo Housing Group’s first application to demolish the existing Newbold Centre building on Leicester Street and build 31 new homes on the site was refused planning permission at a hearing on November 11.

Warwick District Council’s planning committee’s reasons for the refusal were the positing, height and design of the block, which were “out of character” with the area and “detrimental” to its visual amenities contrary to national planning policies

But on Tuesday the planning committee decided sufficient changes had been made in the resubmitted application to approve the work.

Changes to the original scheme - which includes 13 one-bedroom flats, 11 two-bedroom flats, four two bedroom shared onwership houses and three three-bedroom shared ownership houses - include bringing the apartment block 20 metres away from the rear of houses in Queen Street while keeping a 26 metre separation distance from houses on the opposite side of Leicester Street.

Other alterations are the inclusion of feature chimneys, ‘Georgian feel’ windows and a reduction of the roof height by 50cm at its tallest ridge line.

When permission was refused last year - and another housing association scheme in St Marys Road was also rejected - Courier readers questioned the district council’s commitment to providing social and affordable housing in Leamington.

But committee member and Labour group leader Cllr John Barrott said: “Both of these applications were turned down not because members of the committee felt that the developments were inappropriate or not needed but due to significant problems with the plans.