Petition for safer road junction on Fosse Way has now been submitted

The Crossroads at the junction of Harbury lane and The Fosse Way
The Crossroads at the junction of Harbury lane and The Fosse Way

A petition for action to be taken over a ‘problem’ cross roads in the countryside near Leamington has now been presented to Warwickshire County Council.

More than 1,400 people have signed the ongoing online petition, which calls for the authority to “seriously consider” improving the safety of the junction where Harbury Lane crosses the Fosse Way.

People living in villages nearby use the junction regularly and they are concerned about the number of accidents which have taken place there over the years,

Stratford district councillor Christopher Kettle (Con, Harbury) who is also the chairman of Bishops Itchington Parish Council, presented the petition to councillors on December 9.

He said: “The junction’s recent track record shows the problem and it is getting worse. Over five years there has been a fatality, one seriously injured and 19 less serious injuries.

“Ignoring the personal trauma of those involved and their relatives, The Department of Transport, in its document ‘Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain Annual Report’ calculated in 2011 that accidents cost in the region of £1,8 million for fatalities, £218,000 for serious injuries and £24,000 for slight injuries.

“We want the highways authority to take note of our very serious concerns and reinvestigate the roundabout option or install traffic lights to make this junction one which residents and rate payers will feel safe to use and not an actual and potential death trap.”