Police issue warnings after Leamington distraction burglaries


Police have appealed for witnesses after two distraction burglaries in Leamington on Thursday afternoon.

An elderly woman in Gresham Avenue was the first to be approached in her home at around 3.30pm when callers offered to clear the gutters.

The men took payment, and entered the house but no work was carried out.

The men drove off in a van. One is described as being white, in his mid to late 50s, around 5ft10 of a muscular build, with mousy brown hair and a heavy tan.

The second is described as a white man about 18-years-old, 5ft tall and of slim build.

In a second incident that day, three men pulled up to Cubbington Road in a van and told a resident that tiling work needed to be carried out on the house.

They asked for money but were disturbed by a neighbour and left the area before any payment was given.

The van was white with blue writing on but it is not known if the men were the same as those seen in the Gresham Avenue theft.

Anyone with information on either incident, or to report distraction burglaries, should contact police on 101.

Officers from Warwickshire Police are urging residents to be aware of bogus callers and to make sure doors and windows are kept locked for safety.

Advice is to use a chain when answering the door, and check the identification of any callers claiming to be workmen.

If in doubt, contact the company they claim to be from on the number in the telephone book or an independent source - not on a number provided by the callers.