Police urge Leamington residents not to give money to beggars


Warwickshire Police is urging residents to support homeless charities in Leamington rather than handing out money to beggars.

The police have said that kind-hearted residents who give money to people begging are “killing with kindness”.

A spokesperson from Warwickshire Police said: “Please don’t ‘kill with kindness’ by giving money to people begging.

“Your well-meaning action could be causing more harm than good as often the money is used to fund drug or alcohol addiction.

“To truly help those in need please consider giving to the organisations instead. They are all committed to helping provide assistance, shelter or longer term solutions.”

The police advice giving money to the following organisations:

Helping Hands - 12 Gloucester Street, Leamington - 01926 732118

Salvation Army - 1A Chapel Street, Leamington - 01926 883613

Leamington Night Shelter - Radford Road Church, Leamington - 07718683531

ESH Works - 9 Althorpe Street, Leamington - 01926 889356

LWS Night Shelter Priors Club, Tower Street - 07538675203.