Donald Trump protest held in Leamington

More than 100 people gathered outside Leamington Town Hall yesterday to protest the state visit of Donald Trump to the UK.

Speakers included Matt Western MP, Leamington town councillor Nav Atwal, Warwick district councillor Mini Mangat , Daniel Browne of Warwickshire Pride, Warwick district councillor Geraldine Cullinan and Thea Mort of the Youth Strike for Climate.

Emma Mort, a spokeswoman for, and organiser of, the protest said: "They highlighted Donald Trump's divisive politics of misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia and climate change denial and that we don’t welcome a President who represents values so different to ours.

"We feel ashamed that our country has hosted a state visit for, and therefore given a an increased legitimacy to, a President who has boasted about sexually assaulting women; has called refugees ‘animals’; has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, putting our planet in even greater danger from the effects of climate change; has banned transsexuals from serving in the US army and separated children from their parents at the US border and locked them in cages.

"We recognise our long-standing ‘friendship’ with the USA, however, when the US ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson, said in an interview that the whole of the economy would be on the table in any US-UK trade deal, including the NHS, you have to wonder what Donald Trump, the billionaire business man, will expect in return for the ‘friendship’."