Liberal Democrat candidates retain party's seats on district and town council in Lillington by-elections

Liberal Democrat candidates have ensured the previously vacant Lillington ward seats on Warwick District Council and Leamington Town Council have bee retained by the party.

Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 10:07 am

The seats on the district council and town council had been made vacant after Liberal Democrat Heather Calver stood down due to ill health and the by-elections took place yesterday.

Daniel Russell won the district election with 1,296 votes ahead of Hayley Key (Conservative) 664 and Luc Lowndes (Labour) 384.

Of an electorate of 8,971 the turnout was 26 per cent.

Amanda Stevens won the election for the town council seat with 1,057 votes ahead of Hayley Key (Conservative) 466 and Gladys Gibbs (Labour) 350.

From an electorate of 7,266 the turnout was 26 per cent.

Both candidates won 55 per cent of the votes respectively.

The two newly-elected councillors have been congratulates by the Stratford district councillor for Long Itchington and Stockton and Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Warwick and Leamington Louis Adam.

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