Meet the general election candidates for the Warwick and Leamington seat: Bob Dhillon (Independent)

We asked all the general election candidates standing for the Warwick and Leamington seat to submit 300 words on why you should vote for them.

Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 5:23 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 5:24 pm
Bob Dhillon

This is the pitch from independent candidate Bob Dhillon (all the other candidates can be found on our website):

Warwick is a fantastic place where I was born, raised and live. Attended Myton School before going on to do a degree in Economic and Business Management.

I have spent thirty years in business promoting British trade with emerging economies. I’m currently the owner of a property company and a consultancy business helping companies of the future export aboard.

I am happily married to Pam, have three adorable children in the university system. I was elected Warwick Conservative councillor from 2007-2015, serving as mayor of Warwick. Trustee and volunteer who raises funds for local charity in my spare time.

My contract with you, I promise to listen and lead on your interests:

- Honour the referendum result of 17.4 million who voted to Leave the EU.

-Revitalize the NHS with 30,000 NEW doctors and nurses and reduce parking charges. Conservative offer cuts, Labour bad PFI contracts which have bankrupted it.

- Tackle immigration - points based system, deport all known terrorists and illegal refugees.

- Crime: 40, 000 new officers as requested by the Police Federation. Return stop and search, zero tolerance on drugs, anti social behaviour and support bill giving you a say in sentencing.

- Scrap HS2 - invest in whole infrastructure network.

- Investing in education - scrap tuition fees and £4K per pupil investment.

- Economy - flat rate tax, no tax to £30K.

- Business - let small business boom (abolish small business rates and 10p Corporation Tax).

- Reduce Pension Age to 60 - you paid in to retire, time to relax and enjoy.

- Go Green 2030 - 80% renewable energy targets and tax breaks for using electric cars.

- Half Foreign aid and use monies on our struggling citizens.

- If elected, my guiding principles on which my candidacy rests is its independence from party politics. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not the election earthquake that will take away Westminster vested interests. You are, you have the power.