'˜Positive and proactive' plans in place to cope with Kenilworth horse fair

'˜Positive and proactive' plans to cope with the first horse fair of the year in Kenilworth are being put together by police and the council to help reduce disruption to the town.

Tuesday, 5th April 2016, 1:35 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th April 2016, 2:41 pm
Land off Thickthorn roundabout where the horse fair takes place

Warwickshire Police have stated they are running a four-day operation from Thursday April 21 through to Sunday April 24 as many travellers arrive early to Kenilworth in anticipation of the fair, which officially starts on the Saturday.

Both the police and Warwick District Council are trying to work with the organisers of the fair to minimise disruption to the town over the weekend.

Kenilworth beat manager PC Caine Pickering said: “The horse fair is a private event and not an event that Warwickshire Police or the council can prevent from taking place, so we try to work with the event organisers as much as is possible to help provide a safe event for road users, visitors and the community of Kenilworth.

“The September 2015 horse fair was policed in this same positive and proactive manner and produced the least disruptive horse fair to date, with zero recorded incidents or crimes that could be attributed to that horse fair.”

Horse fairs are held three times every year on private land at Thickthorn Farm, with the next two due to be held in July and September.

The first horse fair of the year tends to be the busiest, seeing hundreds of travellers from all over the country heading to Kenilworth to take part in the weekend.