Protesters set up camp in Cubbington Woods to stop HS2 work

Cubbington Wood Protest Camp
Cubbington Wood Protest Camp

More than two dozen people have set up camp in the Cubbington Wood in an effort to stop contractors with the high-speed rail HS2 from felling any of the trees.

Matt Bishop, with the Walk the Line - Stop HS2 group who has organised the Cubbington Wood Protest Camp, said they have about 10 tents set up, a kitchen area with fire place in the camp.

Stop HS2 group

Stop HS2 group

Matt said the following Monday morning: "The camp has been formed and set up by about 30 people. At the moment there are about 10 people at the camp.”

Protestors with the group plan to continue camping in the woods throughout the planned review of the high-speed rail.

He added: “We're in the Cubbington south Wood. We're in the fenced in HS2 area of woodland. For health and safety reasons they can not fell the trees while there are people are living in the woods.

The Secretary of Transport ordered that no felling of ancient woods would take place during the review of the high-speed project, but he gave HS2 the discretion to move forward with the felling of some of the woodlands if absolutely necessary for the project.

Matt added: “This is the only way to stop it. The government has announced a review. But HS2 has a get out clause.

“I'm not really sure this government review means a thing. It's only because we're here this morning they're not felling any trees.”

Matt said he spoke with HS2 contractors Monday morning, who agreed not to cut down any trees for at least a week.

Matt said: “Their exact words were 'we've initiated a seven-day chain-saw ban while the legal process takes course.' ”

He said he expects HS2 take legal action on them in an effort to get them to move their camp.

Matt and the Walk the Line – Stop HS2 group are encouraging people to come and join them at the camp.

He added: “We're appealing for more volunteers to come along, and we're also inviting people to come and visit the camp. It's a nice woodland camp.”

Anyone who would like more information about the protest camp can reach Matt at the following email: