Radford Semele Head steps down after 23 years

The head teacher of Radford Semele primary school is stepping down from his post after 23 years.

Tuesday, 20th December 2016, 8:10 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:58 pm

Paul Wyllie joined Radford Semele C of E School, which is on the outskirts of Leamington, in 1993 as the head.

Over the years Mr Wyllie has entertained staff and pupils with his jokes and his guitar.

Last Friday the pupils bid farewell to their head teacher in their Christmas assembly at St Nicholas Church.

The assembly was Status Quo themed because Mr Wyllie is known to be one of their biggest fans.

All of the children brought along cardboard guitars that they had decorated as part of theme and they then used them when they performed their own version of Status Quo’s “Whatever you want”.

At the assembly Robin Brabban, Chair of the school’s Governors, said: “Mr Wyllie has dedicated 23 years of his life to being the head teacher at Radford Semele and and I would like to thank him for his dedicated service to the school and for his support given to parents, pupils and staff.”

During the assembly pupils shared their favourite memories and moments they have of Mr Wyllie, during their time at the school, which included his jokes, his guitar, him being an Aston Villa Fan and a Status Quo fan.

Deputy Head teacher Jayne White, who led the Christmas assembly,

Jayne White, who has been Mr Wyllie’s deputy head teacher for 15 years, said: “15 years ago you gave me the chance to work in this community.

“It has been like having a husband, one at work and one at home.

“The staff and I are going to miss him so much and we are really grateful for all his support. We wish him every success in the future.”

Mr Wyllie, who was playing guitar long before he became the head teacher at the school, said: “I will miss the children, I will miss the staff and the school but I certainly will not miss government interference.”

The former head teacher will be using his retirement time to work on his music. He said: “I am looking forward to touring in Warwickshire and Tenerife with my guitar.”

Mrs White will be taking over the role of Head Teacher when the pupils return in January.

Mr Wyllie said: “There is continuity at the school as she has been the deputy for 15 years. Mrs White will love the job and the kids will love her.

She said: “I am looking forward to January and I will obviously miss Mr Wyllie and his support as we worked together for 15 years I am looking forward to the challenge and a new chapter.”