Review: Horrible Histories Maze is Warwick Castle's latest attraction

History and fun combine in Warwick Castle's latest attraction which opened within its walls recently.

Thursday, 5th May 2016, 3:48 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th May 2016, 4:52 pm
The entrance to the Horrible Histories Maze at Warwick Castle.

The Horrible Histories Maze, based on the books by author Terry Deary, challenges youngsters and adults alike to to reorder the muddle that mischievous Rattus Rattus has made of time, and find the way out.

Along the way visitors will put history right, catch that rebel rodent and get him safely under lock and key.

Inspired by the geometric mazes of the past, the Horrible Histories Maze is multi-sensory – featuring interactive puzzles as well as being crammed with Deary’s foul facts and Martin Brown’s crazy cartoons.

The Horrible Histories Maze at Warwick Castle.

Those who enter will find out more about the Vikings, the First World War, The Gunpowder Plot and more.

Next to the castle’s adventure playground near the main entrance to the castle the maze is ideally located to give youngsters something physical and interesting to do either at the start, or towards the end of their visit.

And the synthetic floor of the maze means it can be enjoyed in any weather.

The Horrible Histories Maze: Get Lost in Time! is included in general admission to the castle.

The Horrible Histories Maze at Warwick Castle.

For the best value entry visitors can book online five days in advance at