Road restrictions could be on the cards for Warwick as part of improvement scheme

Road restrictions could be put in place in Warwick next month as part of the ongoing improvement scheme works at Stanks Island.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 6:45 am

Since August work has been taking place on Stanks Island and Birmingham Road.

The work is being done to address queuing issues when driving into and out of Warwick during the morning and evening peak periods, as well as providing and improving walking and cycling facilities.

Phase one of the works includes: providing traffic signals at Stanks Island, widening the approaches from A4177 and A425 onto Stanks Island, new signals at the junction of Haywood Road and Birmingham Road to provide left and right turning movements, converting Wedgnock Lane roundabout to a T-junction with signals and the provision of a new shared pedestrian cycleway.

Work continues on the Stanks Island and Birmingham Road improvement scheme.

According to an update from Warwickshire County Council, works are ongoing on the north east and north west sides of Stanks Island, Haywood Road and Wedgnock Lane South and Birmingham Road North.

Road construction has also begun at Haywood Road and is soon to start at Wedgnock South.

Now Warwickshire County Council have applied for three temporary traffic orders, which if they go ahead would be in place from November 14 until April 2020.

If they go ahead the following restrictions would be in place:

~ A one-way traffic flow would be created in a northerly direction between Birmingham Road and Cape Road.

~ Wedgnock Lane would be closed to all southbound traffic from its junction with Cape Road to its junction with Birmingham Road.

~ There would be no left turn from Cape Road on to Wedgnock Lane

~ All traffic would be prohibited from turning right from Birmingham Road onto Wedgnock Lane.

~ All traffic would be prohibited from turning right on to the Birmingham Road from Old Birmingham Road, Budbrooke Road and Eastley Crescent

~ A 20mph speed restriction would be in place on Birmingham Road between it’s junction with Stanks Island to its junction with St Michael’s Road.

~ A 20mph speed restriction would be in place on Wedgnock Lane from its junction with Birmingham Road.