Runaway Mop Fair returns Warwick

MHLC-14-10-17 Warwick Mop NNL-171014-221430009
MHLC-14-10-17 Warwick Mop NNL-171014-221430009

The second weekend of the traditional Mop Fair will be returning to Warwick this weekend.

The Runaway Mop fair, which will take place today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday), will fill the town centre once more with rides, stalls and other fairground attractions.

MHLC-14-10-17 Warwick Mop NNL-171014-221626009

MHLC-14-10-17 Warwick Mop NNL-171014-221626009

The fair will open at 5pm today and at noon on Saturday.

The Mop Fair traces its history back almost 700 years, with its origins as a hiring fair for agricultural workers, where they sought employment for the year ahead and were paid a token wage by their new employer.

They were then given a trial period lasting until the Runaway Mop, where they had the option to continue or seek a new employer.

Last weekend crowds flocked to the first Mop Fair, where the Mayor of Warwick Stephen Cross declared the fair officially open after reading the historic charter.

After the opening, the traditional pig roast was held with a charity auction for the first slice of meat.

Tommy Wilson, Mop Fair organiser, said: “The first Mop went really well and there were lots of families there.

“There was a really great atmosphere with no incidents.

“We managed to raise around £1,000 for the Warwick Mayor’s charity.”