Should graveyard path plans get go-ahead?

Kineton Churchyard
Kineton Churchyard

Opinion is divided on a plan to lay a footpath through a Kineton cemetery to a 90-home housing estate.

The footpath would be laid through the churchyard extension of St Peter’s Church to the new development in Chadshunt Road.

The debate is under way about the footpath plan

The debate is under way about the footpath plan

Vicar Rev Barry Jackson sent out a letter to everyone who can be traced who has relatives buried in the churchyard.

In it, he invited them to respond to a consultation to gauge views for consideration by the parochial church council (PCC) in the autumn.

In the Kineton column in Guardian Country this week, correspondent Dee McGowan wrote: “Many feel the tranquillity of the cemetery will be disturbed if a pathway to at least 90 dwellings is positioned so close to graves of loved ones and when funerals are conducted.

“Others feel security will be enhanced by a fence and pathway.”

A petition has been mounted opposing the plan.

In his letter, Rev Jackson said: “In principle and subject to certain safeguards, St Peter’s PCC is supportive of this as it will help integrate the new residents and reduce traffic between the development and the rest of the village.

“We hope this will provide better security for the churchyard extension and that the new path would provide better access to graves at the northern end.

“We want to invite comments from people that have relatives buried in the churchyard before we discuss it further with the parish council and Bloor Homes.”

The new estate has proved unpopular with villagers who are unhappy with construction traffic in St Peter’s Road which they say is difficult to negotiate.

One villager, who did not want to be named, said: “Everyone is dreading the extra traffic which will go through there as it’s already used as a rat run. Plus the sewers are already a problem.”

Anyone wanting to comment should contact Rev Jackson on 01926 640248 or email or see