Snow could be on the way for Warwickshire as temperatures are set to drop

Photo supplied by Warwickshire County Council.
Photo supplied by Warwickshire County Council.

Snow could be on the way for Warwickshire as severe cold weather conditions are set to hit the county.

Residents are being warned to prepare for cold weather after the Met Office has issued a cold weather warning for Warwickshire from tomorrow morning (Thursday) until Tuesday morning.

They are forecasting a 90 per cent chance of severely cold weather/icy conditions/heavy snow for the country.

According to the Met Office website cold Artic air will be going across the county over the next two days and that there could be ‘occasional snow showers and icy patches’.

More snow could also hit Warwickshire over Sunday and Monday where rain is forecast but could turn into sleet or snow

A band of rain moving east on Sunday and Monday may turn to sleet or snow in Midlands, and areas northwards, potentially producing further accumulations. This period of cold weather is then likely to continue into next week, beyond the current alert period.

The weather warning starts at 9am tomorrow (Thursday) and is set to run until 8am on Tuesday.

As temperatures drop, Warwickshire NHS and council leaders are urging people to think about how cold weather and winter viruses may affect residents and their families and neighbours.

Warwickshire County Council is encouraging people to check in on friends, relatives and those nearby who may be vulnerable to the cold and to make sure they have enough food and medications when the weather gets colder.

Cllr Les Caborn, the council’s portfolio holder for health and social care said: “Whilst cold weather and the prospect of snow has magical connotations for many, the reality for the more vulnerable member of our communities is quite different.

“This time of year can be particularly risky for health and with Christmas approaching it may be harder to make ends meet - we believe people’s health and wellbeing should not suffer as a result.

“By taking some practical steps, seeking help and reaching out to others we can all play a small part in helping each other to take care.”