Social science will come alive at festival

University of Warwick flags
University of Warwick flags

A series of exciting events will be held in Warwick as part of a nine-day festival which runs until next Friday.

The University of Warwick is offering a fascinating insight into research carried out by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Festival of Social Sciences forms part of the university’s 50th anniversary celebrations and is packed with innovative workshops, discussion groups and events both on and off campus.

Visitors will see subjects come alive through entertainment, keynote speeches, discussions, competitions and expert speakers as Warwick’s leading academics host sessions on topics ranging from law and economics, to education and sociology.

Christopher Hughes, chair of the faculty of social sciences, said: “This festival is about demonstrating the importance of social sciences research at Warwick and how the work we do influences all of our lives by helping to inform government policy across a range of areas.

“Whatever the subject being discussed – whether it’s about the future of work, food charity, the state of education, global political economy, Big Data, or analysing UK political behaviour, they are issues that affect everyone in some way.”

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