Southam girl gave gifts on every day of 2015 and got hundreds of smiles in return

Hannah Fulford.
Hannah Fulford.

Smiles and even tears of joy have been brought to hundreds of people by a Southam girl who has given a gift to somebody on every day of the year.

At the end of last year, 13-year-old Hannah Fulford and her parents were talking about how it would be nice to give a present to someone every day and not just at Christmas or on birthdays.

From then on Hannah, a Southam College pupil, carried out acts of kindness on each of the 365 days of last year - giving gifts such as chocolates, gloves and toiletries and all she asked for in exchange was a smile from them.

Dawn Fulford, Hannah’s mother, said: “Hannah has given gifts to her family, friends, teachers, neighbours, family friends, her optician, and a new born baby.

“The list goes on.

“She has been amazing and we are all extremely proud of her.

Mark Fulford, Hannah’s father, said some of the more touching moments of his daughter’s crusade of kindness included when a senior colleague needed to take some time alone because he was so moved and also when a lady who he works with was given a present after she had been recovering from a bad back.

Mr Fulford added said: “At my work Christmas party I had people coming up to me asking how Hannah was getting on with the gift giving.

“She just wanted to show others that there are good people out there.

“The reactions have been marvellous, with some people even having a tear in their eye when you wouldn’t expect it of them.”

Hannah attached a special ‘smile’ gift label to all the presents she gave out.

And although Hannah wanted nothing but for those who received her gifts to be happy she has received several thank you cards.

One recipient wrote: “I must thank you for you kind gesture and for thinking of me.

“It was the nicest thing that ever happened to me and something I will remember and treasure.”

Hannah’s parents are hoping their daughter’s acts of kindness will inspire other young people to do the same.

Mrs Fulford said: “Some of the parents of the children who received a gift have now said they are going to encourage their children to do the same as what Hannah has done.

“The response has really been fantastic.”