Spate of break-ins in Leamington

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Police are reminding residents to be vigilant after a spate of break-ins in Leamington.

Over the last few weeks eight properties in the town have been broken into.

The first break-in (incident number 204 of September 6) happened at some point during the night of August 31 going into the early hours of September 1.

It was reported to police that someone climbed over fencing and into the rear garden of a home in Berenska Drive in Leamington.

They then smashed a conservatory window but failed to get inside the property and nothing was stolen.

Another break-in (incident number 158 of September 9) happened at some point between the evening of September 3 and the early hours of September 4.

Someone entered the rear garden of a home in Waller Street and then went into an insecure shed to steal a black ‘Giant’ bicycle.

The third incident (incident number 119 of September 6) took place during the night of September 4 going into September 5.

The offender(s) climbed over rear gates at a home in Upper Hill Street and entered the garden.

They then broke into a shed to steal a lime green, specialised mountain bike.

Another break-in (incident 434 of September 6) happened just before 9.30pm, where an someone entered a garage in a block of garages, in Beauchamp Avenue.

It is believed that they got on the roof and possibly fell into the garage. Once inside, they opened the door and stole a vehicle tyre and a bicycle trainer stand and placed them outside before walking off.

According to police “The offender walked back the scene, with a witness, when the Police arrived.”

A further incident (incident 305 of September 11) happened between 3pm and 5.30pm on September 9.

Offenders entered the rear garden of a home in Comyn Street, they then broke into a shed and stole three military medals, which included an Active Service Medal, a UN Peacekeeping Medal and an Australian Defence Force medal, as well as jewellery boxes containing inexpensive jewellery.

A sixth break-in( incident number 99 of September 10) happened at some point between 12.30am and 8.30am on September 10.

Someone entered a home in Cubbington Road, through a side door and searched the house. They stole the keys to a Nissan vehicle and then used the keys to steal the vehicle from the driveway.

A further incident (incident number 62 of September 12) took place at some point during Monday night going into Tuesday morning.

The offender(s) gained access to the house by forcing open a window at a home in Fairhurst Drive. Once inside, they searched the house and according to the police they “stole a brown coloured ‘Breil’ watch and a Japanese Miyabi knife.”

They also stole money in both Sterling and Euros.

On the same night (incident number 77 of 12 September) someone entered the garden of a home in Wathen Road and broke into a secure shed to steal a pair of hedge trimmers, which were then left at the scene.

Police are reminding resident to be vigilant and to report any suspicious behaviour.

Anyone with any information should get in contact with Warwickshire Police by calling 101 and quoting the incident number given above.