Staff actions at Bishop’s Tachbrook crematorium branded ‘disgusting’ after items removed

GV - Oakley Wood Crematorium. NNL-170908-025152009
GV - Oakley Wood Crematorium. NNL-170908-025152009

A resident from Whitnash feels the actions from members of staff at a crematorium were ‘disgusting’ after they removed all her trinkets and flowers from her parent’s plaque.

Kim Adams had a plaque installed at Oakley Wood Crematorium in Bishop’s Tachbrook, which is run by Warwick District Council, when her dad died in 2003.

Photo by Kim Adams.

Photo by Kim Adams.

She then updated the plaque again when her mum died in 2010.

For years Kim has been placing flowers and trinkets at the plaque but when she recently went to the crematorium she found everything had been removed.

She said: “I have been coming to the crematorium every couple of months for more than 14 years visiting my parents, adding small memorial gifts, adding plants and silk flowers, as well as cleaning the plaque, and spending time just being in a place of comfort.

“It was my mother’s birthday recently and I arrived at the memorial garden to find that the plaque and the area around it had been stripped bare.

“All the silk flowers had been removed and all the gifts that had been added lovingly had been removed. It felt like my parents’ plaque had been desecrated.

“I called the crematorium and I was informed that a decision had been made to remove all objects as the garden was looking untidy and it was hard for the gardens to be maintained.

“When I challenged why I had not been informed or even given the opportunity to come up and take my gifts home I was told there was not enough resource to contact everyone.

“I had to go through a box in reception that had everyone’s items in it and it looked like they had dropped them in because some were broken. It is absolutely disgusting.”

A spokesperson for Warwick District Council said: “Oakley Wood Crematorium is set within an area of ancient woodland.

“Therefore, balancing the management of the woodland to maintain the unique character and ecological diversity at the same time as respecting families’ desires to pay tribute to their loved ones is sometimes challenging.

“The crematorium grounds have always been a communal place where cremated remains are laid to rest. There are no private plots and many people choose to be laid to rest at Oakley Wood because of the natural setting.

“At Oakley Wood there is a columbaria area where personal vases are incorporated into the memorial. People do bring flowers and other personal mementos.

“When fresh flowers have been placed it has always been the case that they are left until they have gone over, they are not removed straight away.

“Mementos are removed but they are kept for a little while so people can have their property returned.

“If family members do want to bring items to commemorate their loved ones and have any doubts about the suitability they are welcome to phone or call into the crematorium office to discuss.”