Sydenham resident says fly tippers are “devaluing” part of the area

Fly tipping in Sydenham.
Fly tipping in Sydenham.

Fly tippers are “devaluing” an area of Sydenham and must be warned that they face punishment if they are caught.

This is the view of a concerned resident who says the issue has now been going on for a year and believes is being caused by people who have recently moved in to rented properties in roads around Gainsborough Drive and are not aware of the laws regarding the dumping of rubbish and large items.

Fly tipping in Sydenham.

Fly tipping in Sydenham.

Washing machines, sofas and other furniture are among the items which have been left out and the resident, who wants to remain anonymous, said he thinks more people should know about the punishments given for fly tipping and littering.

The said: “We have a real problem with bulk items being dumped and also litter being thrown around on the lower Sydenham area around the Gainsborough Drive loop.

“I have lived in Sydenham for many a yea and it has a good community spirit, however we have had an influx of people renting properties.

It appears that these people are fly tipping or leaving bulk items out for the district council to collect.

“It is just an eyesore and devalues the whole area.

“Now these items are being left, but we can’t blame the council, as the normal waste service we get is brilliant.”

“On top of the bulk item problem, we have a litter problem.

“There are just four street waste bins from the start of the Gainsborough Drive loop to the end mainly by bus stops and certain people are putting their household rubbish at the side of these bins instead of using the containers the council provide and collect. “This is unsightly, but by time the council get round to clearing this rubbish which they do daily, dog, cats, foxes and rats rip open the bags and the rubbish blows around in the wind causing a litter problem.”

“Tennants need to be made aware the rules and fines, that are associated with the dumping of bulk items and litter and the council has a duty to point this out.”

Cllr David Shilton (Con, Kenilworth Park Hill), Warwick District Council’s portfolio holder for neighbourhood services, is encouraging residents to contact the authority if they have concerns.

He said: “We do offer a paid-for service if people want bulk goods taken away or they can leave metal items out for scarp collector but this is not best practice.

“But if people are just dumping items that’s fly tipping.

“If there are problems with fly tipping in the area residents can call neighbourhood services on 353365 and officers can take on board what needs to be done.”