Three car key burglaries in Kenilworth last night

Police News
Police News

Three cars were stolen in the early hours of this morning (October 6) in Kenilworth after burglars broke into three homes and stole the vehicles’ keys.

Two of the burglaries took place in Glasshouse Lane.

One of the homes had a side window smashed by burglars, who stole a wallet and a set of keys to a Jaguar, which was then stolen from the drive. This is incident 63 of October 6.

Another home was broken into via the rear conservatory, and keys to a BMW were taken. The car was then stolen. This is incident 72 of October 6.

And at just before 2am, an Audi was stolen from a house in Common Lane after its keys were stolen from the house. This is incident 32 of October 6.

A spokesperson for Kenilworth Watch said: “There is a limit as to what people can do to protect their homes and vehicles.

“We encourage residents to do all they can but when the town is being hit like it has and is being with car key burglaries it’s about investigations and regular police patrols.

“We want an assurance on these needs as some residents are becoming frightened and dismayed.”