Three Warwicks knitted together by poppy project

Three Warwicks around the world have been united thanks to a project that aims to create thousands of handmade poppies for a community tribute.

Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 12:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 12:35 pm
Left to right: poppy team members Carol Warren and Gill Benson, with Warwick Mayor Stephen Cross and his wife, Cllr Christine Cross.

In January The Courier ran a story about the Warwick Poppies Project 2018 creating links with two women in Warwick District, Australia, who were creating poppies for a major commemoration.

100 poppies were then made by Warwick resident for the Australian project and the women in Australia, will be sending 100 poppies for the Warwick Poppies 2018 display in St Mary’s Church.

Another swap is also happening with Warwick in New York.

Poppies being made by a group in Warwick, New York.

In February 2017 Warwick Town Council was contacted by George Arnott from Warwick, Orange County, New York. In August they were celebrating 150 years of Warwick NY receiving village status. On August 5 a time capsule, which had been buried at the 100 year celebration, was dug up and Warwick Town Council was asked if they would like to contribute.

During a visit in Warwick, New York for the anniversary, Christine Cross, who was mayor at the time, mentioned the Poppy project. She said: “As part of the street decoration for the celebration, ‘jumpers’ had been knitted by locals for the trees. I mentioned that in Warwick UK a project had started to knit poppies to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War.

“This idea was immediately adopted and the Rotary Club in Warwick NY kindly donated $300 to kick start the project which has been showcased in the local library.

“On March 18 the poppies which are going to Warwick NY and also Australia were blessed by Reverend Vaughan Roberts. The project in Warwick NY will be sending poppies over to us to be included in the display in St Mary’s.”

The poppy drop station in Warwick, New York.

A spokesperson from the Warwick Poppies 2018 project said: “On March 18, in the presence of the Lord Lieutenant, the High Sheriff Mayor, the Mayor and the Chairman of Warwickshire County Council, two sets of poppies were Blessed, before crossing the oceans as part of our “International Poppy Swap “.

“100 specially created poppies will go to Warwick District in Queensland, whilst another parcel will be sent to Warwick in the United States.

“In return, they will each be sending poppies for our display.

“This is a wonderful example of shared Remembrance, and a global tribute to those whose ultimate sacrifice enabled us to enjoy our freedom today.”

Poppies being made by a group in Warwick, New York.
The poppy drop station in Warwick, New York.