Tomatoes can reduce the risk of strokes in men

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A study has revealed men can reduce the risk of suffering a stroke by ensuring they have a tomato rich diet, as it contains the antioxidant lycopene.

The study of over 1,000 men, carried out by Finnish researcher and study author Jouni Karppi*, revealed those with higher blood levels of lycopene were 55% percent less likely to suffer a stroke than men with the lowest amounts.

Men wanting to take serious steps to look after their heart health should not rely on eating tomatoes alone. Tomatoes do have many health benefits but lycopene, which is found in their skin is not easily used and processed by the body in its natural food form.

Ateronon, also known as ‘the tomato pill’ is the ideal solution. The one-a-day supplement contains 7mg of lycopene, the optimum amount identified for daily consumption and is the most bioavaible (easily absorbed) form of lycopene on the market.

Dr Alf Lindberg, former Chair of the Medical Board of the Nobel Prize Foundation and Scientific Director of CamNutra Ltd, makers of Ateronon, said: “We’ve long been aware of the benefits of tomatoes but simply eating them alone in natural food form is not enough, for those people who are serious about the prevention of heart problems.

“Ateronon is a great solution because each capsule contains the equivalent of one kilogram of Mediterranean tomatoes cooked in olive oil and can be taken alongside existing medication.”

Ateronon’s latest research revealed that lycopene boosts the elasticity and efficiency of blood vessels, reducing the hardening of the arteries, which occurs with age and improves blood flow.

The research team from Cambridge University found that taking Ateronon, a newly developed version of lycopene, improves absorption into the blood to levels way above those naturally achieved by a diet alone.

The scientists used Ateronon for the research and it was shown to improve flexibility of blood vessels by up to 50%.

Ateronon is available to buy online from and is priced at £29.99 for one box of 30 capsules. It is also available to buy in Boots stores and independent pharmacies across the UK. Ateronon is also on Twitter at and Facebook for news updates and special offers.

* Serum lycopene decreases the risk of stroke in men