Towpath grant for Lapworth thanks to selfless volunteer Fraser

Fraser Pithie
Fraser Pithie

Visitors and boaters to Lapworth will be able to enjoy better facilities and experience a spruced-up environment thanks to the efforts of local volunteers working with the Canal & River Trust.

Warwick District Council and Lapworth Parish Council have approved a £10,000 grant to improve the towpath along the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal one of the two canals running through the village.

The application for the grant came from Fraser Pithie, one of the village’s volunteer lock keepers, who wanted to improve the canal for local people and visitors.

Volunteer lock keeper Fraser from Kenilworth, a retired senior operations manager for Severn Trent Water, contacted his former employer to encourage them to carry out the works.

While lock keeping Fraser noticed how many people liked to walk the towpath but that sections of it were, in parts, uneven and muddy during wet weather and after gaining the support of Sue Gallagher and Peter Whiting, District Councillors for Lapworth, and Lapworth Parish Council by attending its meetings, Fraser compiled an application for a Warwick District Council grant.

Fraser said; “This is great news and I would like to thank Warwick District and Lapworth Parish Councils.

“The grant will enable the Canal & River Trust’s volunteers to improve the towpath in the centre of Lapworth and enable many more people to use it.

“With the aqueduct now repainted and an improved towpath coming it’s been worth the effort and time as visitors, boaters and the local community will now be able to enjoy what is a lovely section of canal.”

Around 720 metres of towpath will be resurfaced from the centre of the village at Brome Hall Lane north to the lock flight behind The Boot Inn thanks to the award.

The work, which is due to start in the Spring, will be carried out by the Canal & River Trust’s volunteer ‘Towpath Taskforce’.

Once completed, a towpath of a better hard standing with a flatter and improved surface, will be established making it more enjoyable for walkers and cyclists.