Rail strategy for Warwickshire includes plans for extra Kenilworth services and new station for Warwick University

Plans for a new station for Warwick University and extra services for Kenilworth are included in a draft rail strategy for Warwickshire over the next 14 years.

Friday, 7th February 2020, 11:25 am
Updated Friday, 7th February 2020, 1:32 pm

As part of its Warwickshire Rail Strategy 2019-2034, Warwickshire County Council has said it will investigate the provision of a new strategic 'multi-modal' station between Kenilworth and Coventry stations to provide "strategic and local connectivity" to Warwick University and the planned development in the surrounding area at King's Hill.

The council is also looking into station enhancements.

Kenilworth Station would get an additional service increasing frequency from one to two trains per hour.

The Warwickshire Rail Strategy 2019-2034

Installation of lifts to provide access to both platforms for those with mobility impairments at Warwick Station are part of the strategy with this set to be delivered by 2026.

Improvements to Leamington Station's ticket hall, forecourt and underpass are also included in the documents as are improvements to Warwick Parkway Station's concourse.

An improved rail service frequency for Hatton and Lapworth stations to Birmingham has also been proposed.

In its introduction to the strategy titled The Warwickshire Context, the council has said: "Rail services in Warwickshire make a significant contribution to the local economy, business and local communities, helping to make Warwickshire an attractive place in which to live and work.

"The County Council has an excellent track record in delivering rail infrastructure and helping to improve services.

"Warwickshire intends to continue this support and investment in the local rail network to help improve wider connectivity, contribute to the delivery of housing and employment opportunities and maximise the benefit of economic growth in Warwickshire over the next fifteen years and beyond.

"This strategy sets out Warwickshire County Council’s ambitious and challenging plans to improve the rail offer in Warwickshire.

"This Strategy is a non-statutory policy document supporting the Third Local transport Plan but it is intended that it will form part of the Fourth Local Transport Plan when that is prepared.

"Warwickshire is a growing County with a population of approximately 550,000 people and a, thriving economy with substantial levels of new housing and employment opportunities committed in local plans.

"The location of housing and employment growth is highlighted in figure 1.0.

"This growth will place additional pressure on the existing rail services and infrastructure (e.g. access to stations) and present new connectivity opportunities.

"A key aim of the strategy is to maximise the opportunity for the travel demands of the 160,000 new households planned to be built across Warwickshire during the plan period."

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