Travellers who camped in Kenilworth are now at Leamington park

Travellers' caravans in Bates Memorial Field
Travellers' caravans in Bates Memorial Field

Travellers who camped at a Kenilworth park have now moved on to the Eagle Recreation Ground in Old Town

More than 21 caravans have been parked at the park off Eagle Street near the Rangemaster factory since last night (Thursday).

Warwick District Council has said its officers and the police visited the site today (Friday) and the authority is in the process of applying for a court order to regain possession of the land.

The group had previously parked at the Bates Memorial Park in Kenilworth from Tuesday before they moved on yesterday.

Kenilworth town councillor Marilyn Bates, who lives in nearby Thornby Avenue, went out to look at the park this morning.

She said: “There is a lot of mess as expected, but it could have been worse.

“One of my neighbours said there was a very bad smell in his garden and there was human faeces against his fence which he has cleared up.”

Warwick district councillor Pat Cain said new locks were being installed on the gates if the memorial park this weekend, and the council were ordering in bollards to stop vehicles accessing the site.

She said: “I did speak to the travellers when they first arrived. I asked them how long they were planning to be there.

“They said ‘only a couple of days’.”

“They were quite amenable and weren’t nasty people as far as that went.

“The sooner we find sites for them, the better.”