Tweets and treats @ #twubcrawl

Warwick’s Twitter fans have been invited to meet up the next #twubcrawl taking place on Friday May 22 starting at 7pm.

A #twubcrawl, a mash-up of a pub crawl and a tweetup, allows people to discover the faces behind the Twitter avatars, while enjoying drink.

The Warwick Rocks #twubcrawl kicks-off with cocktails in Number 6 Castle Street with participants and other members of the Twitterphere able to follow events live on Twitter by using the hashtag #twubcrawl or by coming along in person to the pub.

After aperitifs, the tweeting drinkers plan to move their on-line social to the Catalan Tapas Bar in Jury Street.

To join the #twubcrawl tweet @warwickrocks for further details.