Uncertain future for Warwick restaurant

The Lazy Cow in Warwick.
The Lazy Cow in Warwick.

Staff at The Lazy Cow restaurant and guest house in Warwick have been informed of an approach to buy the premises.

Operations manager Jodie Hannah was this week cautious about releasing too many details because she says nothing is set in stone just yet.

But she said: “After five very successful years we have had an approach to purchase our interest in the property.

“We have been in talks for some time now and are interested. Nothing is concrete as of yet.

“We are taking this offer very seriously as Warwick TLC (The Lazy Cow) is our original home and we need to take into consideration the best for the business and all the people that it employs who have worked extremely hard for years, supporting us.”

The Lazy Cow in Theatre Street is based in the old Globe Hotel which, towards the end of its time, had become a Thai-themed restaurant and hotel.

The Lazy Cow brand was successful enough to lead to other Lazy Cow restaurants in Stratford and Solihull.

These are not believed to be affected by the current offer to buy the Warwick