‘Urgent improvement’ needed at Warwick hotel after hygiene inspection

A hotel and restaurant in Warwick has fallen short when it comes to hygiene.

Friday, 25th January 2019, 9:33 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:01 pm
The Tilted Wig in Warwick.

The Tilted Wig in Market Place received a zero out of five hygiene rating after an inspection on December 4, 2018. The rating means that urgent improvement is needed at the premises.

During a previous routine inspection in August 2016 the Tilted Wig had been given a level five rating, meaning the food hygiene at the premises was ‘very good’.

In a letter written to the Tilted Wig, the Warwick District Council hygiene inspector said that they found ‘unfit food’ and that ‘the standard of hygiene was found to be unacceptable’.

The Tilted Wig in Warwick.

The letter also highlighted that a chef at the premises admitted the pub would serve ‘less than thoroughly cooked burgers to customers on request’ without a food safety management system in place.

The inspector also said that there was no evidence that some of the chefs had been trained in the relevant food hygiene courses and that there was no allergen information available to customers for prepared dishes.

During the inspection issues were identified with stock rotation including out of date or off products despite some foods being labelled.

This included a container of Greek yogurt with a use-by date of 18/10/18, a part-used log of goat’s cheese, with a best-before date of 01/12/18 that was mouldy and a container of squid rings that were ‘partially dried out, slimy in parts and off-smelling’.

Other issues included: areas in a number of fridges being dirty; food in the small store cupboard was found on the floor; the kitchen ceiling was discoloured with grease; taps in the wash basin were dirty and a grease trap was missing from the ventilation flue so dirt and grease had been building up inside the flue.

The Tilted Wig declined to comment.