Video: Jeremy Wright said landslide victory could never have been predicted

  • Jeremy Wright secured his seat with 28,474 votes across Kenilworth and Southam
  • The Conservative MP won a majority of over 21,000 - almost double his 12,552 majority in the 2010 election
  • His vistory came amid huge gains for the Conservative Party nationally

Jeremy Wright has retained his Kenilworth and Southam seat with a clear victory of over 21,000 votes.

The Conservative MP and former Attorney General won a majority of over 21,000 in the polls in what he said could “never be predicted”.

Speaking about the win amid a Conservative majority win on Thursday night, he said despite the huge gains the hard work by his team and the party nationally was clear.

“I expect nothing and take nothing for granted, That is one thing I have learnt during my time in government and in looking at the national results overnight,” he said.

“The Labour loses in Scotland show that seats with a 20,000 majority are not safe so I would never take anything for granted. There is no such thing as a safe seat.

“We have to persuade people that we are the right ones for the job and hope for a positive outcome. It certainly has been a remarkable experience.

Jeremy Wright

Jeremy Wright

“But it seems that people have accepted that the Lib Dems and Conservatives have done a good job for the economy.”

He also addressed HS2 as one of the major issues of his campaign and which has proved contentious during his last term of office.

Mr Wright, a former Conservative Party whip, has previously voted in favour of the high speed railway in Parliament, despite gaining a backlash of criticism across Kenilworth and Southam.

“There were issues I expected to come up on the doorstep and HS2 was obviously one of those,” he said.

I expect nothing and take nothing for granted, That is one thing I have learnt during my time in government

Jeremy Wright

“People are rightly very worried about it and it is an issue which I spend 80 percent of my time on though it only affects a very small number of my constituents.

“But with 8 of 10 people, once I explained why I have dome what I have done they have said they can understand even if they do not agree.

“My views for a change in the route are well known but it is about looking at individual cases and how problems will affect people.”

Labour came in second place with 7,472 votes at Friday’s count.

UKIP gained 5,467 votes, with 4,913 for the Liberal Democrat Party and 1,956 for the Green Party.

The Monster Raving Loony Party secured 370 votes, and Digital Democracy recieved 139 votes.