Warm clothing collection in Leamington for refugee children

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These Hands Are Better Than None eT1M6oEhlfuPthGzKpgV

A Leamington company is holding a collection on Saturday to help keep refugee children warm in the winter.

People can bring items for children aged from newborn to 16 including jumpers, fleece jackets, baby suits, waterproof jackets, cagoules and trousers, thermal underwear including vests and long Johns, body warmers, new socks, winter boots, waterproof wellies, warm hats, sleeping bags and blankets to Comtec Translations Ltd at 62 Brandon Parade between 9am and 5.30pm.

Materials shold be polyester or wool but not cotton as it holds moisture close to the body and will make the youngsters cold.

Comtec is working with These Hands Are Better Than None to collect donations for refugee children in Greece, Turkey and the Balkans.

Sophie Howe, The company’s director, said; “It is heart breaking to see pictures on the news of scared refugee children - cold and wet - waiting in the mud to be let into/travel across Europe.

“We must act now and get warm, waterproof clothing out to these children as soon as possible.

These Hands Are Better Than None is a charity formed in September by four mothers who are based in Cannock, Walsall and Coventry.

Its aim is to support refugees in light of the crisis the world is currently facing.

Theyn have said: “We cannot imagine how people make the heartbreaking choice between staying at home and living each day in total fear or gathering together the family and walking for hundreds of miles, living under scrappy pieces of tarpaulin with minimum food and water and maybe embarking on dangerous journeys across choppy seas - all in the hope of a better future.

“We hope that we will never have to make that choice.

“We want to try our hardest to help the people that have had to make that choice and those that will in the future.”

Leamington-based removals company Cleavers has donated 40 boxes to ship the items of clothing.

There is some parking at the side of the building.

Press the buzzer for Comtec at the front door.

Collections for These Hands Are Better Than None are also taking place in Coventry, Walsall and Cannock on Saturday.

To find out more about the charity and its crowd funding campaign find its page on Facebook.