Warning: Scammers using Crimestoppers phone number to get personal details in Warwickshire

Scammers are asking for personal details
Scammers are asking for personal details

A group of scammers has been fraudulently using the Crimestoppers phone number on telephone display in a bid to make calls seem genuine.

The scammers are calling people, saying they are “Crimestoppers at the Home Office” and then asking for personal details.

Crimestoppers is used to give anonymous information about crime and its phone number is 0800 555 111.

Warwickshire County Council has issued a warning after a number of people were targeted by the scam.

A spokesperson said: “Crimestoppers are not calling people. Crimestoppers do not and cannot call people from 0800 555 111 and

Crimestoppers would never ask for personal details like this.”