Warning signs put up about Kenilworth tree felling a day too late

Warning signs have been put up about tree felling in a rural part of Kenilworth - a day after the work started.

Friday, 18th May 2018, 3:31 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:34 am
One of the trees felled yesterday

Trees on land off the north side of Rouncil Lane between Rouncil Farm to Roundshill Farm were felled yesterday morning (Thursday May 17), without any notice to nearby residents and walkers on the public footpath next to the site.

But signs warning people about the work have now been put up at the entrance to the footpath by landowner Christine Archer, who was granted a 'thinning licence' by the Forestry Commission to cut down 46 dead trees.

She rents the land to county councillor Alan Cockburn, who is her brother-in-law.

The sign which was put up a day after the trees started to be felled

Cllr Cockburn said: "She apologised for the delay in putting up notices explaining the tree work taking place that she has commissioned. They are now put up on the public footpath."

The trees were given Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) in October last year to protect them from felling.

But licences from the Forestry Commission take precedence over TPOs.

The felling caused anger among nearby residents yesterday, as well as Warwick district councillor Sue Gallagher, who lobbied for the TPOs to be issued in the first place.

The felling began yesterday morning before any signs were put up.

A police officer visited the site yesterday, but could find 'no evidence' that any wildlife crimes had been committed after fears were raised over the felling happening during bird-nesting season.

The Forestry Commission has yet to comment on the situation.