Warwick Hospital department receives kind gift from former patient

Staff on Physiotherapy at Warwick Hospital, along with (L-R) Michael Bolton (Jephson Lodge), Alan Johnson (ex-patient), John Hayward (Masonic Charitable Association) and David Massey (Provincial Grand Master Warwickshire Freemasons) with the new leg press.

A department at Warwick Hospital have received a new piece of equipment from a grateful former patient.

The physiotherapy department at the hospital have received a generous gift of a new leg press machine from Alan Johnson.

Mr Johnson received treatment with the pulmonary rehabilitation service in physiotherapy at Warwick Hospital earlier this year.

The pulmonary rehabilitation course helps people manage their lung conditions by increasing their overall fitness.

Mr Johnson heard that the team needed the new piece of equipment and went on to ask his Masonic Lodge whether they would consider gathering enough funds needed for the leg press.

Upon receiving the leg press, physiotherapist Elizabeth Sullivan said: “This leg press will enable patients to exercise their legs as a way of regaining and maintaining strength and function.

“It is great that our patients are so generous and helping us to provide the best care.”

Musculoskeletal physiotherapist Paul Saunders added: “The leg press machine is a great machine to both assess and treat patients with a variety of hip, knee and ankle injuries.

“This means that we will be using it on a daily basis with patients who attend Warwick Hospital physiotherapy department.”

Following Mr Johnson’s request, £250 was donated from Jephson Lodge, £200 from the Round Table and £1,350 from Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association.

The former patient and his wife Hilary also donated £200, which helped to make up the £2,000 total needed to buy the new leg press.

Mr Johnson said: “We are very pleased that together with Jephson Lodge, the Lodge of the Round Table and the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association, we have been able to help in acquiring this equipment and hope that it will help treat many physiotherapy patients in the years to come.”

A plaque has also been put on the new equipment. It reads ”Provided by the kind generosity of Warwickshire Freemasons”.

Those wishing to learn more about fundraising for the South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust should contact the Trusr on 01926 495321 ext. 8049 or email charity@swft.nhs.uk.

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