Warwick man faces jail for sexual abuse of girls in the 1980s

Terence Mander
Terence Mander

A former Warwick man who claimed two women were making up allegations that he had sexually abused them when they were young is facing a prison term after being convicted following a trial.

Terence Mander had denied a total of nine charges of indecent assault – seven in relation to one of his victims and two in relation to the other.

Terence Mander

Terence Mander

But after a total of more than 13 hours at the end of his trial, a jury at Warwick Crown Court found him guilty of all nine charges.

The hearing was adjourned for a pre-sentence report to be prepared on Mander,71, now of Livery Street, Leamington, and he was remanded in custody by Judge Sylvia de Bertodano.

Prosecutor Cathlyn Orchard had told the jury the case concerned the sexual abuse committed by Mander against two girls, both aged around 13 at the time, in the 1980s.

Mander had a garage workshop in Warwick and, after he had started grooming the first girl, whose mother he knew, she would go there after school.

The girl did not tell anyone at the time because she felt she was in love with Mander.

But as an adult she started to face the truth of the situation when she began receiving counselling, and she also confided in a work colleague who said she should tell her husband.

She did so, but did not feel ready to report it to the police until 2016.

Although she could not recall exact dates, she had kept diaries as a child in the 1980s in which she had marked dates when something sexual had happened with Mander with an asterisk.

And when she had got a boyfriend her own age, she had used the same notation and distinguished incidents with Mander by putting a T next to the asterisk.

Mander had also indecently assaulted another 13-year-old, first by kissing her when he found himself alone with her, and then when sitting next to her at her home.

Over the years she told a number of close friends and partners about the incident, but did not go to the police until 2016 after she heard the other victim had done so.

When Mander was arrested and interviewed he denied ever sexually touching either girl – and he continued to insist in court that there was no truth in either woman’s allegations.

Miss Orchard told the jury: “The issue is have these witnesses told the truth, or have they fabricated these accounts?”

And the jury agreed they had told the truth, and that it was Mander, who is now facing a prison sentence of years, who had been lying when he claimed that nothing had happened.