Warwick noisy neighbour hit with £1,000 fine

A noisy neighbour in Warwick will have to pay a £1,000 fine after shouting, banging and profanities were heard coming from their address.

Friday, 30th March 2018, 11:31 am
Updated Friday, 30th March 2018, 12:05 pm

Environmental Health officers from Warwick District Council were sent to Surrey Court, Lyttelton Road, where one of the residents, Jamie Edden, was heard to be making enough noise that it was heard through his neighbour’s flat.

As well as shouting, crashing and door slamming officers also heard profanities and aggressive language being used towards another person inside Edden’s flat.

Edden had previously been served a Noise Nuisance Abatement Notice on June 16 last year after Environmental Officers heard loud noise coming from his flat on June 13 last year.

On August 25 Environmental Health Officers returned to the property where they heard noise of shouting, banging, crashing and door slamming coming from Edden’s address, which was intruding into a neighbours flat loud enough to interfere with the use and enjoyment of their home.

The offence was aggravated by the use of profanities and aggressive language being used towards another occupant within Edden’s flat. The episode continued for about thirty minutes

After being found to have breached the previous Notice, Edden was summoned to court.

The matter was heard on March 20 at Nuneaton Magistrates Court, where Edden was convicted of breaching the Noise Nuisance Abatement Notice.

Edden, failed to turn up to court and has been fined a total of £1,000 after the court heard the matter in his absence.

It had been pointed out to Edden both verbally and in writing that if he failed to attend court the magistrates could hear the matter in his absence.

Having heard the evidence presented by the Council’s solicitor the Court ordered that Mr Edden pay a total sum of £1,000 which was made up of £44 Victim surcharge, £516 contribution to the Council’s costs in bringing the prosecution and fine of £440 for the offence.

Councillor Andrew Thompson, Warwick District Council’s portfolio holder for health and community protection said: “Unfortunately we do have some residents who are suffering from the impacts of noise nuisance.

“If you are experiencing regular or repeated disturbance in your home from another property, then a member of our Environmental Health team can visit and make the required legal assessment as to whether the noise is intrusive.

“We live in a great community, but where evidence of a nuisance exists and we do not receive cooperation to change behaviours, then we are prepared to take the case to court.”