Warwick residents invited to raise any issues they feel are 'amiss' in the town

Residents in Warwick are being invited to raise any issues they feel are 'amiss' in the town.

Sunday, 6th October 2019, 9:00 am

Later this month Warwick Court Leet will be holding their autumn Court Leet meeting.

Historically the Courts Leet were the bodies that acted as the upholders of Law and Order throughout England from the Middle Ages until the legal system as we know it today came into force in 1947.

The Warwick Court Leet is one of the few left in the country and continues today. One of the courts main duties is to receive ‘presentments’ from residents of the town.

The Court House in Warwick where the meeting will be held. Photo by Warwick Town Council

The meeting is a chance for any residents to raise concerns or 'presentments' about any matters in Warwick that they feel are 'amiss' to the court leet.

Residents can present them to the court for their consideration to be taken to the Lord of the Leet who is the Mayor of Warwick, Neale Murphy.

Presentments are matters that residents feel are amiss and need rectifying, or matters which could benefit the town and/or townspeople. If these are accepted by the Court, the Steward will submit them to the relevant local authority i.e. Town, District or County Council, and they are legally obliged to respond to the Court.

There are four Courts that take place annually of which the Spring and Autumn Courts are open to members of the public. This is a chance for the public to see the tradition and regalia of this historical court that is a living history of a way of managing the town, and to raise any issues/matters within Warwick.

The Court Leet is also now responsible for organising the Warwick Beer Festival and the Warwick Classic Car Show which raises money for local good causes.

The autumn court leet meeting will be taking place on October 24 at 7pm in the ballroom in the Court House in Jury Street in Warwick.