Warwick Rocks headliner got married on day of big gig

Andy Wheeler of Rosetta Fire.
Andy Wheeler of Rosetta Fire.
  • On the same day as Rosetta Fire’s big headline gig at the Warwick Rocks festival the band’s drummer Andy Wheeler also got married
  • Andy had the blessing of his bride Lesley to take time away from his big day to play at the festival
  • About 4,000 people attended the music event, which took place in Warwick last Sunday

The old adage “the show must go on” was put to the test when drummer Andy Wheeler played at a music festival on his wedding day.

The drummer plays with Rosetta Fire, one of the headline acts at the Warwick Rocks Midsummer Music Festival.

Andy got married at lunchtime last Sunday in Warwick, then dashed off to play with Rosetta Fire at 4pm.

Then it was back to the evening reception – all with the blessing of his bride Lesley.

Andy said: “When we decided to get married on June 21 it was still uncertain as to whether the Warwick Rocks music festival would happen.

“When Jimmy (the lead singer) told everyone in Rosetta Fire that it had got the thumbs up and that we’d been asked to play, my initial reaction was how proud I’d be to play in my home town, in front of all my family and friends but – and it was a big but – what would Lesley say?”

I couldn’t be more pleased for him to get the opportunity to do the thing he loves most in the whole world

Lesley Wheeler

But Andy had no need to worry about a pre-wedding row, as Lesley said: “I told him that of course he must play.

“I couldn’t be more pleased for him to get the opportunity to do the thing he loves most in the whole world and on our wedding day too.

“When he rang Jim to tell him I’d said yes, Jim didn’t believe him. Jim told him to pass the phone to me to make sure he was telling the truth!”

And it was also all harmony at the festival centred on Market Place, with organisers saying there was good feedback from visitors about the atmosphere and entertainment.

Shopkeepers, traders and bar owners were also impressed with their takings.

Jack Linstead, one of the volunteer organisers of the Warwick Rocks Midsummer Music Festival, said: “There was a great atmosphere and everyone was having a good time. We had around 4,000 people throughout the day – from midday to 9pm. The weather was kind to us and that always helps.

“For people to come up to us and say how they like what Warwick Rocks is doing is really a good vibe.”

As well as support from councils and business, the Warwick Rocks events are also staged with the help of crowd funding.

“With crowd funding for events like this, it’s something that people feel part of and not something that they just turn up to,” said Jack.

The next Warwick Rocks event is the film and food festival on the Saturday and Sunday of the August Bank Holiday weekend.