Warwick School pupils expelled after dealing drugs to fellow students

Warwick School. Copyright: Google Street View
Warwick School. Copyright: Google Street View

Two pupils from Warwick School have been expelled and three others suspended for dealing drugs to fellow boys after a 'lengthy' internal investigation.

In a letter to parents sent yesterday (Monday December 3) and seen by The Courier, headmaster Dr Deneal Smith explained that rumours of drug-dealing by boys in year 11 and above at Warwick School to other pupils inside and outside school were indeed true.

He wrote that police were now involved, and simply expelling pupils was not enough to combat the problem.

His letter insisted more will be done at the school to educate pupils, such as reviewing the school's PSHE programme, and that staff will be better trained to detect the signs of drug abuse and dealing.

The letter also said counselling will be available to any pupils who wished to use it and support will be given to those who come forward about issues with drugs.

In a later interview, Dr Smith explained an internal investigation was launched two weeks ago after parents came to him with 'specific concerns' about certain pupils being involved with drugs.

And after rumours were being circulated between some parents about exactly what had happened, he felt he had to set the record straight by writing a letter.

Dr Smith said: "I decided it was important to write to parents about this - my letter makes it clear that when parents come forward to talk about these things we will be trying to support them."

Dr Smith claimed the drugs dealt to other pupils in these incidents were cannabis, but he admitted there were concerns about harder drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy being dealt.

He also said the investigation was launched as soon as the school were approached by parents.

But one parent, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed the problems with drug use had been raised with Warwick School for some time. The parent claimed the school had 'turned a blind eye' to the problem.

Dr Smith said: "I don't think it's fair to say the school has turned a blind eye. When we've had specific information, we've acted on it and dealt with it.

"If we don't have the names or we don't have any evidence of the incidents taking place, it's much harder.

"In pretty much every school, there is going to be a small minority who get involved in drugs. Here in Warwick School, we get involved and we're dealing with it.

"The welfare of our pupils is absolutely paramount and we will always offer support."

Dr Smith became headmaster of Warwick School in September after former headmaster Gus Lock left at the end of the last academic year.

Warwick School currently charges between £8,961 and £9,586 per term for boarding pupils, and between £3,727 to £4,398 per term for day pupils.