Warwickshire Police reassures public one week after Westminster attack

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A week on from the terrorist incident in London, Warwickshire Police want to reassure the public about their commitment to their safety.

The Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police Martin Jelley and Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe have issued the following statement.

Chief Constable Martin Jelley said: “One week has passed since the attack at Westminster and we’ve all had a chance to reflect on the terrible events of that afternoon.

“Understandably, people will be experiencing many emotions in response to the events, including concern and fear. I would like to reiterate that there is no intelligence to suggest any specific terrorist threat to Warwickshire and we constantly review the plans we have in place to both prevent and respond to any incident of this magnitude.

“All police forces prepare for a variety of terrorist situations but all hope that it is something we never have to face.

“The role police officers take each and every day to protect our communities should never be underestimated and the tragic death of PC Keith Palmer sadly highlights the risks they take, without hesitation, to serve their communities.

“We cannot begin to even imagine the pain Keith’s family and friends will be feeling but I hope that, in time, they will be able to find some small comfort from the levels of bravery he showed and the sacrifice he made for the safety of others.

“Our thoughts remain with his family, friends and colleagues and all that knew and loved each of those lost their lives that day.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe said: “Last week’s events in Westminster showed once again the dedication and professionalism of all of the emergency services and, above all, the commitment of police officers to protect the public, in the face of very obvious dangers to their own safety.

“That same level of dedication to duty applies just as strongly in Warwickshire and is something that I know it is very much appreciated by the public.

“Tragedies such as these serve only to reinforce that we must all remain vigilant and continue to work together to combat terrorism.

“The Chief Constable and I are committed to ensuring that Warwickshire Police is properly resourced and that our officers are equipped to keep the public safe from all types of crime.

“I am reassured that the force is well-prepared to respond to a terrorist incident should it unfold here and that the ongoing counter-terrorism work locally and regionally is helping to root out those who want to harm our local communities.

“In the meantime, my thoughts remain very much with the families and friends of PC Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade, Kurt Cochran and Leslie Rhodes and all of those who were injured at Westminster.”