Warwickshire Police urge people to protect their home from burglars during the warm weather

Officers have issued advice on keeping homes safe
Officers have issued advice on keeping homes safe

Warwickshire Police is urging people to be more aware of burglars as the warm weather arrives.

During the summer months, doors and windows are often left open, making homes an easy target for thieves.

The following advice is being offered:

> Keep front, patio and back doors closed and locked when you are elsewhere in the house or the garden.

> Ensure all windows and external doors are not only closed but locked at night or when you are out of the house. Even a small window could provide a burglar with an opportunity to reach through and open a larger window to gain access.

> Remember to close downstairs windows when leaving a room to deter the opportunist thief.

> Find out about property marking schemes such as Smartwater. If an item is marked it will be much harder for a thief to sell on. Also, if recovered, stolen items can then be returned to their rightful owner.

> Look out for your neighbours’ property if they are away for a few days.

Joining your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is good way to meet those living on your street.

There are more than 4,300 Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators in Warwickshire who help to keep the local groups informed of criminal activity in the community, pass on crime prevention advice and help resolve local issues.

Members are encouraged to keep an eye on what’s going and pass on details of suspicious activity.