WATCH: Kenilworth dog overlooked for more than two years gets a pedicure

This is the moment an unlucky dog from Kenilworth which has been overlooked by potential owners for two-and-a-half years enjoys her daily pedicure.

Thursday, 16th August 2018, 4:24 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 10:08 pm
Snow has been at Kenilworth Dogs Trust for two and a half years

Snow the American Bulldog arrived at Kenilworth Dogs Trust in Honiley after her owner was unable to care for her due to a change in circumstances.

She suffers from a skin allergy which causes her to lick and chew her feet as well as itch her body and ears.

Due to her condition, she has to take regular medication but also has a daily foot spa with her canine carer.

Snow has been at Kenilworth Dogs Trust for two and a half years

Dogs Trust wants someone to give the gentle giant to find a new home and will help with future vet bills for his allergy treatment.

Emma Healey, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Kenilworth, said: “Snow is a firm favourite here, but she really deserves to be in a forever home of her own.

“We think potential new owners are put off when they find out about her daily routine, and don’t want the commitment of caring for a dog who has some medical needs that need monitoring and maintaining.

“But as you can see, Snow is no trouble at all when it comes to giving her paw and is happy to take a load off so both she, and her feet, can soak up the attention.”

Snow suffers from a skin condition which means she needs committed owners

Snow suffers from a skin condition which is a result of being allergic to multiple things, however it’s quite non-specific and therefore hard to know exactly what causes her allergies.

Dogs Trust describes dogs like Snow as “atopic”, which means they have lower tolerance to allergens.

Skin conditions are quite common in dogs and with Snow she will need long term treatment and lifelong management with regular vet visits and ongoing treatment.

Staff at Dogs Trust are hoping that when they realise how much Snow loves her daily spa, someone will come forward and adopt her.

Emma added: “At 30kg, she’s a big girl and her size can often put people off, too. But she has a huge heart to go with it and she walks beautifully on the lead so is a pleasure to walk.

“Snow is a truly wonderful girl and loves her cuddles once she knows you.

“She is looking for an adult-only home with owners who will be committed to keeping on top of her medication and foot soaks so she is comfortable and feeling her best.”