Wendy steps down after 30 years of serving the village

After thirty years of "dogged determination" and dedication to the needs of Wellesbourne villagers, a much appreciated parish councillor is to retire.

Wendy Bryan, of Newbold Road, joined Wellesbourne parish council in November 1978 and has put a great deal of her time and energy into pursuing the interests of the residents around her.

Chairman Rosalind Bolton said: “She has always been a channel of what people are wanting, thinking and worrying about and has worked with dogged determination.

“She will leave a very big gap in the council.

“We are very appreciative of all the work and time she has put in and she will be very seriously missed.”

Mrs Bryan has seen a lot of changes take place in the village including residential and industrial developments on the airfield.

She said: “A lot of growth has gone on in Wellesbourne, but the problem with all the developments is that they tend to flood more - I have seen a lot of problems with flooding and they seem to be growing more and more.

“When I first started as a parish councillor you used to get things done very quickly but now everything has to be done by contractors so each process takes much longer than people would like.”

Red tape aside, Mrs Bryan has always enjoyed her work. She added: “I like being able to work for the community of the village. I have always tried to help people here as far as I can.

“Wellesbourne used to be a very tight-knit community but now it’s so much bigger. We’re a large village now.

“The parish council is important because everything stems from it - people come to us first and only then do we go to the district council and then on to the county council and so on.”

She is optimistic about the Dene Valley Leisure Centre project - a sports and community facility due to be the subject of a planning application next month - and is a Friend of the Chedham’s Yard restoration project.

Never one to sit idle, Mrs Bryan is also the president of the Wellesbourne and Walton Horticultural Society and a member of the Women’s Institute.

She used to run an old people’s club until it had to close down recently due to competition from residential homes.

She said: “I have always kept busy in the village but now I am going to do a bit of quiet gardening and have a bit of relaxation time.”