Whitnash group determined to replace destroyed community trees

Tree planting at Acre Close, Whitnash
Tree planting at Acre Close, Whitnash

Anger and disappointment has been expressed at the destruction of trees that were planted by Whitnash families last summer.

But the community, led by the Friends of Acre Close, are determined to replace them as quickly as they can.

Members of the group - which organised for children from Whitnash Primary and Briar Hill Primary schools to take part with their families in the planting of 450 trees at Acre Close park - discovered that three of the crab apple trees had been pulled out from the ground on Wednesday morning last week (January 22).

The Friends’ secretary Claire Jones said: “They are young trees so they are not full of leaves, so it’s unlikely to be wind. This was purposefully done. Everybody is outraged and disappointed. But now we want to move on.”

Chairman Lynne Gougeon added: “These trees have made such a difference as you go into the park and we can’t wait until spring to see them in blossom. If they are looked after, it will just become more beautiful year after year.

“It’s such a shame that this has happened as it’s a well looked after and well-loved park which is enjoyed by so many people.”

Whitnash police community support officer Steve Sample said: “People in Whitnash are very lucky to have such a fantastic park. The improvements at Acre Close have had a really positive effect on the community. Thankfully, incidents like these are few and far between.”

The Friends are already raising funds for the group’s Acre Close planting project through their ‘Pennies for plants’ collection tins placed around the town. But now they need to raise £200 to enable them to buy replacement trees. Claire said: “Now we could do with a few tenners and twenties. We want to move on quickly - for the children’s sake and for all the people who use the park.”

Anyone who can help is asked to email friends@acreclose.co.uk