Wichombe Farm Day Nursery is keeping birds well fed for the winter

Emma Kultanova (aged 3) with her bird cake
Emma Kultanova (aged 3) with her bird cake

Children at Winchcombe Farm Day Nursery in Upper Tysoe have been busy making bird cakes, as part of a RSPB initiative to keep birds well fed in winter when the ground is frozen.

Youngsters at the Shenington Road-based day nursery mixed raisins, lard, apple peel and breadcrumbs together before spooning it in to yogurt pots, which are attached to a piece of string to tie to trees.

Pictured right is Emma Kultanova, aged three, of Winchcombe Farm Day Nursery Preschool, showing off the bird cake she made.

To find out how to make bird cake, visit the RSPB website at: www.rspb.org.uk