Winners of Kenilworth Horticultural Society's Spring Show announced

The winners of Kenilworth Horticultural Society's Spring Show have been announced.

Friday, 6th April 2018, 3:49 pm
Updated Friday, 6th April 2018, 3:56 pm
All the first prize winners from left to right: Jim Cook, Bernice Astling, Monica Davis, Jennifer Matthews, Pam Beedham, Linda Williams, Myra Wilkinson

The society met on Wednesday April 4 for the show, with 62 members in attendance.

Chairman Liz Watson said: “Despite the cold wet weather, members produced a dazzling display of daffodils and spring flowers. It was one of our best spring shows with 37 entries contributed by 15 members."

The prizes were presented by Ursula Key Davis, who gave a talk on pelargoniums.

Some of the flowers on display

The winners were as follows:

Six stems Spring Flowers: First - Bernice Astling, Second - Myra Wilkinson, Third - Caroline Ramsey.

Three Stems Blossom: First - Monica Davies, Second - Betty Sunley, Third - Jennifer Matthews.

Vase of Mixed Flowers and Foliage: First - Jennifer Matthews, Second - Liz Larson, Third - Jennifer Matthews.

Some of the flowers on display

Container of Bulbs: First - Pam Beedham.

Foliage Pot Plant: First - Pam Beedham, Second - Betty Sunley

Jar Lemon Curd: First - Myra Wilkinson. Second - Jennifer Matthews

Jar Marmalade: First - Linda Williams, Second - Catherine Dallaway, Third - Nina Martin

Jar Jelly Sweet or Savoury: First - Jim Cook, Second - Jennifer Matthews, Third - Myra Wilkinson