Woman committed suicide in her car

Anxiety attacks caused a Leamington mother to take her own life in her car.

Coroner Michael Coker recorded a verdict of suicide at the inquest into the death of Jennifer Morgan, 53, of Stirling Avenue.

The inquest at Leamington Town Hall heard that Mrs Morgan, an administrator at the Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital, Leamington, was being treated for an anxiety disorder and depression.

Nine months before her death she told family and doctors she was thinking about self harm and in May last year was admitted to Warwick Hospital after taking 54 Ibuprofen tablets.

In a witness statement her husband of 31 years, Peter Morgan, said his wife was in bed on Tuesday, November 7, when he left for work and he was surprised to find her out when he returned at midday.

He visited all the places where she could have been and reported her missing at 6pm.

It was at 12.45pm on Tuesday when witness Janet Latter first saw a blue car parked in front of the Severn Trent Water tower near her house in Langley Road, Lye Green, Claverdon. She noticed the car was still there at 12.30pm the next day and called the police.

Pc David Ebbs said he found a rear window slightly open with a grey foam pipe going from it to the exhaust.

Consultant pathologist Dr Scott Sanders said an analysis of Mrs Morgan's blood and urine showed a carbon monoxide saturation level of 70 per cent and a trace of prescription drugs.

Recording his verdict Mr Coker said: "Mrs Morgan was suffering from an anxiety disorder for some time. This can be very stressful for a person and they do not always reveal how deep it is because they may be trying to protect the family. I have come to the conclusion that it had obviously become too much and she decided to take her own life."


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