Work to repair ‘joke’ humps outside Kenilworth School left unfinished

These humps have now been repaired. MHLC-04-09-17-Leyes Lane new speed humps NNL-170509-183536009

Work to repair ‘joke’ speed humps outside Kenilworth School on Leyes Lane, which should have been done last weekend, was left unfinished.

Warwickshire County Council blamed the delay on a plant breakdown at a nearby quarry, meaning asphalt could not be supplied on Sunday September 24.

The work will now take place this Sunday, and asphalt will be sourced from a different supplier.

County councillor for Park Hill ward Dave Shilton said he was ‘very disappointed’ the humps had not been repaired.

He added: “The work should have been done - it’s not good enough.

“Circumstances outside of our control stopped us completing these essential works.”

The humps, which cost £85,000 to install, were put in during the summer holidays to try and improve road safety.

But some of the humps were so low down drivers could still drive over them at speed, which led town councillor Richard Hales to call them an ‘absolute joke.’

This meant remedial work had to be carried out to improve them.

When asked if the council would change its contractors for future projects after they had failed both to carry out the project correctly and do repair work on time, Cllr Shilton said he would raise the issue with the council.

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