Are you related to killed soldiers?

My grandfather’s cousin, who fought in the First World War and died in 1917 is, for some reason, not commemorated on the Warwick War Memorial, although his name appears at Tyne Cot in Belgium.

I have contacted the town clerk, who is kindly going to verify that my ancestor lived in Warwick when he enlisted (the criteria for being included), and, if confirmed, will arrange for his name to be added before Armistice Day 2015.

My research has highlighted five others who served and died during the First World War, whom I believe should also be listed on the memorial. They are: Clarence Charles Arthur Albert Edward Capers (my relative); Edward J Waters; Harold Bellamy; Charles William Sweeney; Stephen Wright; William Henry Milsom

I wonder if there are any of your readers who are related to any of the men listed above or have an ancestor whose name they feel should also appear on the Warwick memorial?

The criteria is living in Warwick at the outbreak of war, and not already commemorated on another town or village memorial within the UK.

We could then try to add all the new names at the same time. I am currently researching World War Two so would be interested to receive names from that conflict, too.

Please could people either contact the town clerk’s office - details on Warwick Town Council’s website – or get in touch with me as I would be happy to help with some initial research into their ancestor’s circumstances.

Christine Shaw,