Can anyone offer gallery a home?

As someone who has been a regular visitor to Gallery 150, on Livery Street, I am writing to express my great disappointment that, after four years, the gallery is to close. This is a non-profit venture which has supported artists in the Leamington and Warwick area, by putting on a new exhibition every few weeks and providing somewhere where local artists can sell their work. The range of art available has been stunning, and the prices very reasonable. As far as I know, it is entirely run by volunteers.

They were already forced to move premises a few months ago, to make room for Yo! Sushi, and now they have again been given a month’s notice...but this time they have nowhere else to go.

I’m quite happy for Leamington to develop a restaurant quarter, but surely there must be someone, somewhere who could offer to house Gallery 150? There are so many empty shops in Leamington, and this is such a unique venture, and something which really benefits local people.

Rachael Lonsdale, via email